Wombats Room

Ages 2 years to 3 years

Children are encouraged to explore their learning environment independently along with their peers. Further development of children’s social, emotional and cognitive skillsis encouraged and monitored.

Structured group times are arranged at intervals through the day where music and movement take place as well as reading stories and singing songs. Toilet training is introduced at a time where educators and families are confident that their child is ready.


Family Grouping

Breakfast served between 7 am – 8 am

Progressive Morning Tea

Indoor/Outdoor Play (Weather Permitting)

Planned Learning Experiences

Sleep/Rest Time

(Quiet activities are provided for children who don’t sleep)

Indoor Activities

Afternoon Tea

Indoor/Outdoor Play (Weather Permitting)

Late Afternoon Snack

Family Grouping

NB: Nappies are checked at regular intervals throughout the day and are changed every 2 hours.

Indoor Area

Outdoor Area

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