Koalas Room

Ages 6 weeks to 18 months

Caters for individualised routines as this ensures consistency for young babies of their age. Families will advise our educators of their child’s home routine and this will be followed as closely as possible.

A designated sleep room adjacent to the play room will ensure babies can be closely monitored during their sleep periods. The outdoor play area allocated specifically for the babies is located in the main playground, adjacent to the playground for older children. This ensures the children are provided with the opportunity to take part in daily gross motor experiences in the natural environment.


Children’s need for sleep and bottles is catered for as per each child’s individual home routine provided by the family on enrolment.

Family Grouping
Breakfast served between 7 am – 8 am

Morning Tea

Indoor/Outdoor Play (Weather Permitting)

Planned Learning Experiences

Indoor Play

Afternoon Tea

Indoor/Outdoor Play (Weather Permitting)

Planned Learning Experiences

Late Afternoon Snack

Family Grouping

NB: Nappies are checked at regular intervals throughout the day and are changed every 2 hours.

Indoor Area

Outdoor Area

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