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Holding Deposit

Payment of the holding deposit is used to confirm and secure your child’s placement at the service. This can be arranged well in advance provided the positions are available on the days you require.

Once the holding deposit has been received by the service, your child’s position on the days agreed with Service Management are guaranteed for commencement as per the preferred date.

The holding deposit allows families the peace of mind in booking their preferred days well in advance of commencement.

The amount payable is dependent on the number of days which you wish to secure.

Bookings of 1 or 2 days = $400
Bookings of 3 to 5 days = $800

The holding deposit will become refundable once your child leaves the service, providing the required 4 weeks prior notice to cancel their enrolment. Please note that if you no longer require care prior to commencement you will forfeit your deposit in its entirety.

Enrolment Fee = $100
A once-only non-refundable payment is charged with the holding deposit.

Meriton World Tower Residents

No enrolment fee ($100) charged for residents of the Tower, upon proof of address.

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