Crocodiles Room

Ages 3 years to 6 years

Structured activities are programmed for two smaller groups at set times of the day. The 3-4 year old children take part in age appropriate educator guided experiences daily. Language classes are run by our educators each Monday, teaching children the basics of various languages of our multicultural team.

Pre School Readiness Program

Our Pre School readiness program for the children attending primary school the following year is implemented daily. This ensures that these children are equipped with the necessary skills for a successful transition to primary school.

We have a Phonics program which is implemented at the service. Access is available to families who are a part of our Pre School Readiness Program to encourage a partnership between home and the service.

A graduation ceremony is held at the end of each year for the children commencing Primary School, where families and friends are invited to attend. This is a wonderful way to celebrate the children’s achievements and time at the service.


Family Grouping

Breakfast served between 7 am – 8 am

Progressive Morning Tea

Indoor/Outdoor Play (Weather Permitting)

Planned Learning Experiences

Sleep/Rest Time

School Readiness Program

Indoor Activities

Afternoon Tea

Indoor/Outdoor Play (Weather Permitting)

Late Afternoon Snack

Family Grouping

Indoor Area

Outdoor Area

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